New at Meisjesfeest: Amaya girls clothing

New at Meisjesfeest: Amaya girls clothing

At Meisjesfeest we are always on the lookout for new, exciting brands to fill our webshop with. That’s why we proudly present: Amaya girls clothing! The style of this Spanish brand is characterised by its unique play with fabrics, design and textures. Why we love Amaya? We’ll tell you:

Amaya Sánchez - the head of the company - likes to play with opposites. She has created a unique style by combining innovation with tradition, expression with tranquility and by finding a way for romanticism and minimalism to complement each other. One could describe her style as powerful and romantic, yet sophisticated. That’s why we love Amaya girls clothing and we know your little girl will enjoy it too!


As always, Meisjesfeest has curated the best pieces of Amaya girls clothing and now sells them on the webshop. Do you want your girl to feel gorgeous? Check out the Amaya collection here!


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